Better daily weather.

Wake up. Check the weather. Most weather apps are more akin to reading a weather chart—never piecing it all together to answer the simple question of what should I wear today?

What if you could play the daily weather like you play a song? Scrub through a day and experience the shifts in weather over the course of a day like a timelapse shot.

Play the Weather

Designed to prepare you for the day. Most apps repeat the same weather every hour whether it changes or not. Our simple daily forecast bar at the bottom tells you what's most important—high/low temps and when to expect rain. Tap anywhere on the bar to preview the weather at that time and get more details. Scrub to play through a full day.

Realtime weather simulations

This is the real weather, not someone's simplistic interpretation of "partly cloudy". We pull every weather data point (cloud coverage, wind speed, precipitation, visibility to name a few) and combine those into a scene that simulates all the nuances of actual weather. Sunny and windy and raining at the same time? No problem. More honest, more accurate, and yet simpler.

Tap to reveal the underlying weather data.

Better forecasts

Our weather data is gathered from multiple sources including weather stations, meteorological agencies, radars, and local enthusiasts and processed with machine learning to generate highly-accurate (90-99%), hyper-local forecasts (500m) specific to your neighborhood. Know exactly when rain is coming and when it ends.


Rain that falls as particles based on how heavy it's falling outside. Strong winds blow rain sideways and clouds move faster. The directional arrow even points in the physical direction the wind is blowing.

Procedural clouds

We procedurally generate clouds based on the current % cloud coverage. This makes each cloud unique for that moment. Tap the clouds to build your own.

[tap to regenerate]

Sound & Haptics

Custom sounds for every weather event brings the weather to life. Seriously, you need to try it. You can hear the rain and feel the thunder.

Moon phases

Accurate moon phases using a true model of the moon.


Get the day's weather right on your home screen without even opening the app.

Skins every season

New collections and artist collaborations every season to keep things fresh.