We’re so distracted.

Everything calls for our attention—social media threads, messages, notifications, video rabbit holes. It's a daily battle, and our most critical resource is at stake—our time.

The most important thing we do every day is choose where to put our focus.

Vibes will help you take back control of your focus. It's an app that uses music to help you focus, relax, sleep, and stay in the moment.

It’s inspired by our favorite video games where the music is designed in a dynamic way to respond to your actions and amplify your skills. If you enter a new level or region, the music changes. If you battle an enemy, the music ups the energy level. The music is never distracting but always adapting to enhance your performance in the moment.

Intelligent focus music.

Vibes knows your wake and sleep times and generates personalized background music based on your activity throughout the day.

Reacts to your activity.

If you get up and go for a walk, Vibes will sense your movement and automatically adapt the music to match your energy.

Music designed for focus.

The music is composed in realtime from over a thousand musical fragments & sounds to create a living composition that never repeats and never gets old. It's been designed to avoid abrupt sounds or shifts that can grab your attention while also always evolving so that your mind never grows tired or wanders off.

Relax vibe

The easiest app. One tap.

Vibes is the world’s easiest app to use. Because it knows your daily rhythm and activity, it just takes one tap to open and begin playing exactly what you need for the moment.

Sleep vibe

Control when you need it.

⚡️ Energy. For moments where you need an energy boost, you can swipe to adjust Energy and spin the world faster. Energy levels: Chill, Normal, Boost

🧠 Presence. If you need deeper focus, you can pinch to adjust the Presence and push the music into the background. Presence levels: Normal, Distant, Interstellar

🔀 Shuffle. Shake your device to randomize the music and generate a new vibe on the fly.

Spatial audio for immersive soundscapes.

Vibes uses spatial audio technology to place the music in 360° space all around you and track your head movement for incredibly immersive soundscapes. Use headphones with spatial audio support such as AirPods.

Time your moments.

Set a timer to stop the music from playing after a set duration. Great for dedicated focus sessions, workouts, or to fall deeply asleep.

Widgets put focus one tap away.

Add a widget to your home screen for easy one-tap access to a favorite vibe. You can even set a timer for pomodoro-style focus sessions or timed meditation.

Airplay to any speaker.

Play vibes on a connected speaker for focus at the office, sleep music for the kiddos, or just a relaxing evening at home.

Stay focused, unlock achievements.

Reach milestones with your focus time to release special spirits into the worlds.