As a kid, I loved playing with a calculator. Whether a calculator watch or a TI-89, it offered an intoxicating command over impossibly large numbers and could be hacked to share messages with friends. Somewhere along the way, the calculator became another boring tool.

I want a calculator that reignites that same sense of wonder.

Show your work

One of the biggest obstacles with most calculator apps is just how easy it is to make mistakes. If you mistype a number and don't catch it immediately, you can easily end up with the wrong answer and never know it.

To fix this, we do what everyone is taught to do in elementary school… we show your work. As you type, the full equation is written out for you—every number and operator. Even better, if you make a mistake, you can now delete or select the number and retype it. Small, but life-changing.


Percentages can be a challenge to wrap your head around, so we built it in.

Big & Readable

When you use a calculator, you're often darting between screens. Why not make it easier make the numbers big and readable at a glance.

Sound & Animations

Sounds and animations inspired by video games that make it fun to just play with a calculator again.

Play a Tune

Tap to play the numbers like playing a tune on an old touch-tone phone.


Long press to copy your answer and take it where you need it.


Choose a skin. For when you want to change things up. Skins designed for different moods. Learn more ›