We think we understand time, but we don't.

Minutes can feel like hours, yet a year can flash by in a matter of days. Time isn't intuitive, it's something we learn. Yet most timer and alarm apps are poor teachers. They clumsily chop time up into hours, minutes, and seconds. Ask a 5-year old to set a timer for 15 minutes, and you're likely to get one set for 15 hours.

I dreamt of a timer I could use every day that would simplify time and make the most of every moment it counted. Inspired by the simple egg timer, Timer more honestly represents time as a single dimension. No hours or seconds—just minutes. There's nowhere to get lost. Scroll to set. Tap to start. Get back to life.


Time is a single dimension but it travels in both directions. In our Timer, when time expires, it doesn't stop at 0. The timer flips and begins to count up. This turns out to be pretty useful if you missed the alarm and don't know how much time has elapsed or if you cook and just need another minute without the hassle of setting another timer. This also means you can scroll to the bottom, tap +, and it becomes a stopwatch ready to measure any length of time. 2 apps in 1.

Big numbers

How about a timer you can read across the counter or across a room? We even added an optional setting to keep your screen on during the countdown.

Power scrolling

Such big numbers could be a nightmare to scroll if we didn't get the scroll feel just right. We cut down on extra swipes with power scrolling where a big swipe will land on common values like 30, 45, 60. Perfect, every time.

Built like a game

Animations, sounds, and haptics inspired by video games. The hit rays is a particle emitter so every hit creates a unique pattern. The crafted sounds of Timer are meant to bring to life every scroll, hit, and alarm.

One-tap widget

If you use the same timer every day for making tea or exercising, drop the included widget on your home screen. Now that preset timer is just one tap to set and start.