There are many reasons you might start a company, but the best may be that it's the perfect excuse to work with great people who you enjoy and admire. Since the beginning of Not Boring, we've been fortunate to collaborate with some of our favorite digital artists and designers to bring art into small everyday spaces in our busy digital lives. Last year we collaborated with Presstube to create a unique skin that had us drawing on 3D forms and learning a new cryptic language.

This year we handed the reigns over to the amazing, Eran Hilleli, who brought his mythical aesthetic to the Not Boring apps through a new skin, Cedar. With Cedar, Eran has broken down our apps into simpler, decimated forms and set them in luscious greens and warm light transforming the apps into miniature mythical worlds inspired by the wonders of getting lost deep in the forest. You may even find a hidden creature. Cedar trees are a resilient species common in both Israel (where Eran resides) and the Pacific Northwest (Not Boring HQ).

Works in all (Not Boring) apps. Available for in-app purchase. Free to Patron members.

About Eran Hilleli

Eran Hilleli is an accomplished animator, technologist, and digital artist who has worked with Teenage Engineering on music-driven visualizations and has won the Apple Design Award and been featured by Fast Company, Vice, It's Nice That, and others. His work combines endearing characters and rich scenes with realtime dynamics like sound and music in an honest digital aesthetic that embraces low-polygon models, simple material shading, and basic lighting. Eran lives in Israel and lectures at the Bezalel Academy of Arts.