It’s not the big moments in life but the small, daily routines we form that shape our experience.

It’s been an amazing year since we first introduced (Not Boring) to the world. What began as a small personal project for us has become something much bigger.

In Season One, we released Weather, Timer, &Calculator apps. We collaborated with the digital artist, Presstube, to release a Summer ‘21 collection of new skins. We made a mini-game, a set of collector cards, AR experiences, dipped a toe in NFTs, air quality widgets, and even a few holiday surprises. We were thankful our apps found recognition among some of our favorite people—Fast Company, Daring Fireball, Protocol, Apple Developer Spotlight, an Apple Design Award nomination, and Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards.

S2 : The Collection

Each new season brings a new year of apps, new skins, new gifts, and more. Here’s what’s new and what to expect over the coming year…

New Skins

Available now are 2 new skins! Monsters is our most playful yet—co-designed with kids. As with the Andy skin in S1, Monsters is a Secret Edition skin that can be unlocked in the app if you know where to look (hints available in app). Karat is a gorgeous gold-gilded skin that we think is the best looking software out there. Both skins are built atop a new, geometric 3D typographicdesign inspired by building blocks.

New Apps

At the turn of the new year, we launched our first new app, Habits, to help you master new habits and break bad ones. Over this season, we have more new apps in the works. I won’t say what they are yet, but as the Habits app has shown, we plan to continue raising the bar on the experiences we build.

New Languages

We released Chinese support in Weather earlier this year and plan to roll out additional languages over the coming months.

Member Cards

If you’re a current (Not Boring) member, all of this goodness is coming your way. If you’re not yet a member you can become a member today and not miss out on all the surprises we have planned for the coming year.


Get access to all of our (Not Boring) Apps for a full year. You’ll also get access to the golden Andy skin and others you can unlock in the app.


As a patron of the software arts, you receive everything we make. This includes all of our apps as well as every new skin collection including all past and upcoming special edition artist collaborations. As a thank you, you also receive a special gift. In the past this has been physical collector cards, but we have something new planned this season. All Patrons, old and new, will need to redeem their S2 gift in the app.


Thank you for joining us on the journey this past year! This wouldn’t be possible without you. We’re 100% member supported, so your support is what fuels us and allows us to reject the proliferation of boring software and begin living richer, more meaningful digital lives.