For years we've dreamed of blending the soul-quenching qualities of art with simple, everyday digital experiences. Summer is here and our first artist collaboration is with one of our favorite digital artists, James Paterson, aka @Presstube.

Paterson was an early pioneer in digital art exhibiting Flash-based work at museums around the world and big musical artists like Bjork. He's become a notable champion of empowering artists around the world on the NFT marketplace, Hic et Nunc. His mindful drawing and animation techniques offer a peek into one of today's most creative minds blending tradition with technology—equally comfortable sketching on paper as he is animating in VR.

Artist Statement

This new skin (MEM) is inspired by a mind training system I've been working with for the past decade to help pry my mind off discursive thought patterns and make way for more spacious awareness. I work the numbers zero to nine by counting breaths, footsteps, heartbeats and marks while drawing—this counting helps guide me into a state of flow. I use the ANDY Timer in my daily meditation practice, and the idea of people contacting my art in practical ways—to set timers, do arithmetic, or check the weather—tickles me.

The collection

Artist Edition Skin : MEM

In this Artist Edition skin, Paterson the graphic language he developed for his personal mind-training technique based on the numerals 0-9 to create original works that wrap continuously around the 3D numbers. A daily reminder to be more mindful.

New Skin : CHROMA

A token of the halcyon days of summers past. This skin shimmers in the sun.

Collector Card #002

Original "Boring" work by Paterson. It's an elegant blind emboss on heavy white card stock meaning there is no ink used but the paper is pressed with lasercut dies to create a raised pattern. A QR code on the back unlocks a secret experience.

Collector cards are gifted to all Patron members and available for purchase to others.

Limited Edition NFTs

As part of the Presstube collaboration, we're excited to offer up the original work created by Presstube as limited edition NFTs on the leading green marketplace, Hic et Nunc. Each number will be released with increasing rarity—9 editions of "9", 8 editions of "8", and so on down to 1 edition of "1".